Improving Sleep During Lockdown

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Candles and house plants are also relaxing and the perfect addition to keep you feeling calm. It?s easier than ever to slip into bad screen-time habits, such as Netflix binge-watching or spending more fitnesseqm time on social media before bed.?Here are some tips to improving sleep during lockdown. MyMindPalTM?have released free exercises to help manage stress levels during these times:? and exercise are equally relevant to your quality of sleep. When you wake up, make sure to fling open the curtains straight away ? but in the evening try to avoid excess light as you risk sending mixed signals to your brain. Later or larger meals with possibly more booze or caffeine affects quality of sleep. Tips to improve sleep If you?re lucky enough not to have the pressure of a 9-5 work schedule, use this time to modify your sleeping patterns. Getting the recommended amount of sleep can improve your immune system ? many studies show a strong link between short sleep duration and type 2 diabetes.?The same problem occurs with alcohol which is highly calorific and can interfere with sleep; it goes without saying that caffeine before bed is a no-no. Don?t be afraid to take a power nap after lunch. If this is the case, it?s important to physically and mentally separate your work environment from where you are relaxing and sleeping. Switch off all devices at least an hour before bed.For your average commuter with a well-established routine, this new lifestyle of working at home has the potential to drastically impact sleep patterns. Why sleep is so important Better health Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain as it affects the appetite.?A well-functioning immune system is essential to fight off disease. Also, try not to eat dinner too late as your body will still be burning off the calories and producing heat, making it harder to get to sleep. Control your controllables It?s perfectly natural to feel anxious during these times, especially when faced with regular distressing news, so try to avoid it just before bedtime. This is why it feels strangely difficult to get up in the morning? even though we?re rising later than normal. Not only this, but with the shift in lifestyle comes a change in eating tendencies. You mustn?t underestimate the importance of light as it signals to our brain whether we should be awake or asleep. If you?re unsure whether your sleep patterns are good or bad, sleep trackers enable you to build better bedtime habits. As easy as it is in these circumstances to sit down all day,. Exercise is as important for our wellbeing as it is for our sleep. Go to bed when you feel tired and sleep for as long as you can. There?s a chance that your bedroom has to double up as an office at the moment. The temperature of your bedroom is also important. Mindfulness techniques are really helpful; if you feel your mind racing before bed, focus on your breathing. Poor sleep is strongly linked to depression and may also reduce social skills. A relaxing environment Your bedroom needs to be a place where you feel peaceful. Your bedroom needs to be a room in which you love spending time, so use these weekends to stay at home and redecorate your bedroom. Boosting the brain From a productivity perspective good sleep boosts the brain, enhancing memory and problem-solving skills. Between 16-18?C is the ideal and try to let in fresh air through the day.?If your bedroom feels like a place of rest, this will help you to settle down in the evening before bed. Find your own routine, as long as it?s a routine. It?s very important to go to bed and get up at the same time every day, because regularly changing sleeping habits can affect both mental and physical health

? Are you unsure if Yogaia would be suitable for you? ?You can be a total beginner or an advanced practitioner ? and you can even get the kids involved too! It?s for everyone who?s seeking to improve their mind and body health.? Interested in offering your employees access to Yogaia? Contact for more information on our? and? schemes. Fear not! Incorpore Ltd has teamed up with to bring employees discounted subscriptions through both the and schemes. That dilemma sparked the dream of an online yoga studio that would offer yoga classes fitting around our lives, not the other way around. ?The connection that you get with our professional, down-to-earth teachers online, is unique ? especially with live classes.?. One of our participants was recording herself on her phone when her twins, who were toddlers, entered the room and ran away with her phone!? The instructor added, ?I honestly struggled to hold in my laughter.Hands up if you?re missing your yoga classes? ? now is more important than ever to keep up your yoga routine. Yogaia is the only live-streamed studio offering yoga-class-realness 24/7. It builds motivation and inspires you to take better care of yourself! There are always fresh new classes, so you never get bored!? Yoga can seem serious but Yogaia makes it fun! One instructor recalls a funny story from a live yoga class, ?At the start of the class we lay down with eyes closed. With a family of three boys at home, attending yoga classes seemed to be causing stress, not relieving it.? 95% of Yogaia users have experienced clear positive changes in their wellbeing. You can even interact with your carefully selected, die-hard yoga instructor. But with a flood of online fitness services emerging since the Covid-19 epidemic has disrupted our gym-going, what exactly makes Yogaia stand out from the crowd? With carefully picked, world-class instructors chosen for their ability to connect with people, Yogaia want their teachers to be able to build ongoing relationships with their global community. No matter what your ability and tastes, Yogaia pride themselves on having the class and instructor for you.? With schools currently closed and employees desperately trying to fit their workouts into new routines, Mikko Pet?j??s experience sounds all too familiar. I told her that it seemed like a bit of a stretch. We wanted to know how it all started so we reached out to Yogaia: ?The idea for interactive, live online yoga classes came to Mikko Pet?j?, the founder, when struggling with fitting yoga into his busy life. ? What is Yogaia?s favourite, self-confessed, bad yoga joke? ?My doctor told me to try yoga to reduce stress. One of their users raved, ?I?ve never liked doing Yoga from home before, but now I crave it

Meanwhile, elderberries are filled with flavonoids, which strengthen your immune system?s response. Plus, different berries protect your immune system in their own special way. Moreover,??contains the hormone selenium, which makes your body less vulnerable to infections. You can try making a hearty black rice bowl mixed with a lean protein option before your next workout. Aside from being an essential nutrient for building a fortified immune system, this vitamin also helps you maintain strong muscles.The ongoing pandemic has most (if not all) of us at home in self-isolation. With all that idle time, it?s easy to get tempted into grabbing another bag of crisps or chocolates from the pantry. That said, those who want more nutritional benefits can go for options like red or black rice.?, we shared that these fruits are packed with antioxidants, which are vital for keeping your immune system in great shape. Kale Kale has been a favourite superfood in the health and wellness world for quite a while now ? and for good reason. Specially written for myfitnesschat. Let?s take a closer look at the best food superfoods for keeping your immune system strong and healthy. This leafy green vegetable is chock full of antioxidants that strengthen your immune system, while also detoxifying your body from any harmful substances. Rice Rice is a prime carbohydrate source for keeping you healthy and active. We must properly prepare our meals to ensure we?re getting the right nutrition.??is an antioxidant that fights off those pesky free radicals that can harm your cells, tissues, and genetic material.??highlight how easy it is to prepare this staple food, making it a pantry essential. Written by our guest contributor Bianca Kim Berries Don?t be fooled by their size, as berries have all sorts of nutrients for boosting your immune system. Not only will it safely sustain your energy for your exercise routines, but it also prevents you from overexerting yourself. However, it goes without saying that staying healthy is of the utmost importance nowadays. Incorporating these superfoods will surely make a world of difference. Whether it?s creating a kale salad or having it as a side dish, be sure to knead this veggie when preparing it in order to break down its fibrous cells. For instance, dark berries like blueberries and blackberries contain antioxidants called bioflavonoids that help sustain your immune system?s health. Citrus Fruits Another food source that can do wonders for your immune system are citrus fruits ? from oranges and grapefruit, to lemons and limes. To stay on top of the latest health news and trends,?. These brightly-coloured fruits are one of the best sources of vitamin C. It?s essential to keep your immune system in tip-top shape during these tough times. Black rice, in particular, is full of antioxidants that safeguard your immune cells from dangerous free radicals. A great way to consume these tangy treats is by eating one about 30 minutes before your workout so that your muscles are really equipped with the vitamin, and thus able to repair by Bianca Kim. Regardless of their variant, all rice types are extremely easy to prepare. You can enjoy a mixed bowl of berries as a pre-workout snack, or replenish yourself with a post-workout berry smoothie

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